Planet Under Pressure: a new climate security agenda.

Larger and richer populations are increasing the pressure on natural resources, further exacerbated by the immediate problem of a changing climate, with serious impacts on water, energy, and food security. The close interdependencies between water, energy and food are multiplying these threats in diverse countries and regions demonstrating that climate security will be an issue for all. An integrated ‘nexus approach’ is helping decision-makers to manage shared resources and achieve truly sustainable development.

‘Planet Under Pressure’ is the second film Moth Collective has produced for the Global Canopy Programme, a tropical forest think tank working to demonstrate the scientific, political and business case for safeguarding tropical forests as natural capital.

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Directed and Designed by Moth Collective
Written by Global Canopy Programme
Sound Design: Joe Tate
Animation: Marcus Armitage, Joe Bichard, Daniel Chester, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Voice Over: Yolanda Kakabadse
Client: Global Canopy Programme



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