Launching The Players’ Tribune: Derek Jeter, Budding Media Mogul

Since Derek Jeter took his final bow in Yankee pinstripes last fall, the former shortstop has been working to reinvent himself in the media world.

With his vision of giving players a more robust and unfettered way of communicating with their fans, Jeter hopes to create a new kind of relationship between athletes and the fans that follow them with his new company The Players’ Tribune.

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Jeter’s foray into the future of media, which includes partnerships with AOL (TechCrunch’s poppa bear) and the Blue Jeans Network comes as the lines between investors, athletes and entrepreneurs continues to blur. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has the Mavericks, while former Maverick Steve Nash has a venture fund. NY Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony is among the latest to launch a fund, with his Melo7 Tech Partners already committing capital to several startups.



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